Five Reasons Why An Actor in LA Doesn’t Compete With Those Ten Thousands of Others

“Oh, you’re moving to LA to become an actor? Aren’t there like ten thousand other actors out there? Good luck!” Who hasn’t heard this over and over? My old university even published an article about me, mentioning I was moving to LA to pursue my acting dreams “just like all those thousands of others.” Thanks University of Amsterdam! But really: When it comes down to it, your competition doesn’t consist of those ten thousand other actors. Not by far. Here’s why…

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Lanterns & The Meaning of Life

Let me tell you the tale of a lantern. I’m sure you’ve never heard a more exciting introduction but bear with me, this is one of those posts where I go deep, yo.

When I came back from Los Angeles in September last year I was still waiting to hear from a really big agency that I met with days before flying back. All I could think about was getting that agent, applying for my visa and moving back to LA again.

Shortly after my return in the Netherlands I celebrated my birthday with some friends and family, and one of my aunts had gotten me one of those flying sky wishing lanterns. When night fell we went outside to the garden at my parents’ place, and as we lit the fire I silently made a wish. Everyone knew what the wish was of course, but then something happened…

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Six Differences Between Auditions in LA and the Netherlands

First: apologies for the radio silence! During the eight months I was in the Netherlands I dreamed of being busy and so now the universe is like: “You want busy? Take this!” I’ve had the fourth of July festivities (and accompanying eh..refreshments) followed by a 4.30AM call for a music video followed by a 18 hour shoot followed by moving to my new apartment till 2AM and then the many administrative moving hurdles, auditions, Ikea trips, hikes and social gatherings on top. It’s all good of course, but it’s made finding time for blogging difficult!

So, what have you missed? I had my first theatrical audition which means for film or TV and my first callback! A callback is basically the next round of auditions, and I had one for a commercial. I’ve now done about five auditions here in LaLaLand and although I go them on my bicycle like any good Dutch girl would the auditions here are different from those in the Netherlands…

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Los Angeles Neighborhoods: A Breakdown

Good news, the dream apartment I mentioned in the last post is mine! I’ll move in next month, making it the 9th place I’ve lived at in LA. Let me summarize: when I first came to LA for just the summer at 19 I stayed in North Hollywood. I had such a great time that I did so again the summer after. Then when I returned for a six month stretch at 22 I stayed with a friend in Valley Village, followed by two months in Venice with a roommate from hell. Luckily I then met a lovely American lady in Culver City who I stayed with until my return to the Netherlands. And again during my three month last-attempt-to-find-an-agent stay (interrupted by a week and a half in Hollywood).

Add to that the four different places I’ve stayed at since my permanent return three weeks ago, many acting classes, agency meetings (oh and who am I kidding: shopping trips) and I would say that despite me being fairly new to Lalaland, I have a pretty good idea of the layout of this city. So for all of you that consider visiting or moving to LA, here’s a neighborhood breakdown…

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Back in LA!

Hello from Santa Monica! Off to arrange a dozen things now but will blog soon!

Back in LA!

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Last Week Before LA!

On the 17th of May things really got real, like for real. Ladies and gentlemen,  my O1B visa is now in my passport. I feel like it should be prettier and shinier, perhaps scented like rose macarons and embellished with Swarovski, but it is just a normal, tiny piece of paper. Only with life changing powers. And ever since everything got official, my to-do list became a little more endless as more moving-to-another-country stuff was added to it. First one: booking a plane ticket. So here it is: a week from now, on May 30th, I will move to Los Angeles!

In the meantime I’ve been pretty busy with said to-do list, mainly going through the stuff that I had in storage and a variety of other places. It’s unbelievable, the amount of crap a human being collects in just a few years. I must have thrown at least 80% away. And by throwing away I mean taking it to the salvation army of course. It feels good though, having all your belongings fit in three suitcases. But now all of that’s done, there’s time for reflection…

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Between Acting and Writing

Here’s something awesome: I filmed a short last week where I got to wear an insane superhero costume and the first screenplay I finished – a comedy pilot – was selected for a Dutch screenwriting event named “Het Schrijfpaleis.” This means professional actors will perform scenes from my screenplay after which a panel of film professionals and an audience gives feedback. If you’re in the Netherlands, you can be part of the audience and come check it out tonight at 8PM. For more information go here.

All the writing I have done recently has really made me realize how healthy it is…

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About Image & Humility

First things first: my visa application has been sent off! That means within three weeks my fate will be decided. Hopefully anyway. If there’s anything I learned from the visa process it’s that things always take longer than anticipated. Or maybe I’m overly optimistic in my planning. Either way, within the next month I will surely know a lot more about what my future looks like than I do now. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a lot about “image.”

As you make your way in the film industry  you sometimes encounter people that make themselves seem like more than they really are. In job interviews a little exaggeration about your resume and skills is rule more than exception of course, and not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve met people that lied to the point where they made things up completely. And it taught me something…

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Interview With an O-1B Actor: Samba Schutte

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: despite rumours of everyone being fake and out for themselves in Los Angeles, I’ve met some of the most genuine, kind and giving people there. Samba Schutte is one of them. (Yup, that’s Samba and not Thriller era Michael Jackson.) Samba is a Dutch-Mauritanian Actor who moved to Los Angeles on an O-1B visa a few years ago. He is now a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store and recently played the lead in the film Haleema that premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival.

I met Samba on my last trip to Los Angeles, and he’s helped me a lot with informing me on the visa proces and keeping faith while waiting those long, long months. And he was kind enough to want to share this information with you too!

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Best Acted Scenes of All Time – Redux

vogue mythsNo, I haven’t seen all the movies on the planet and no, I also haven’t been around since the beginning of time. Although, in a way I have been, but that’s another discussion. Either way, every once in a while there is a performance that just sticks with you because of its creativity, intensity or ability to make you feel.

So, as a pretty representative part of the general movie going public I bring you this list. Or perhaps as a pretty representative part of the often-crying-at-movies movie going public. Or you know, the often-crying-at-movies movie going public that is Dutch and also an actress. Either way, here is my personal list of the best acted scenes of all time…spoilers ahead!

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