About An Actor: Emma Stone

EmmaStonephotoshootWho? Emma Stone

Type: Goofy girl

First Noticeable Role: Superbad

Breakthrough: Easy A

Lucky Bitch or Ass-Off-Worker: Definitely a girl who took a lot of initiative on her own, but was lucky in the fact that she was supported by her parents.

Emma joined a local theater group at the young age of 11 in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, and performed in a dozen of productions with them. She was even home schooled for a while so she could tour around with them. Then, at age 15, the ever-sassy Emma made a Powerpoint presentation for her parents in which she tried to convince them to let her move to Los Angeles, Madonna’s Hollywood playing in the background…

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New Weekly Column: About An Actor

CareyMulliganphotoshootAs a starting actress I look at news about famous actors in a different way. I wonder: How did they get their start? Did they work their ass off or were they just lucky?  Even though every actor has a different story and there is no formula for succes, there’s always something to take away from the biographies of working actors.

And because I suspect I’m not the only one who thinks that, I present to you the new “About an Actor” column  in which I will post a little background info and some of my observations about an actress/actor every Monday. If you share yours we can maybe build an understanding about what makes different actors special!

Up this week: Miss Carey Mulligan…

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Have a Gleeful Christmas!

In between playing in the snow, Christmas shopping, working, slipping on the ice-covered streets in Amsterdam and preparing for my coming trip to Los Angeles I probably won’t have time to start writing about the third time I went to Tinseltown. But I still want to wish you all a…

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My First TV Role, Appearance on the News & Premiere

Sunday 12.30PM: As I’m writing this (first draft on paper) I’m standing on set: in the rain, freezing my butt off. Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted to be able to say that. The being on set part, freezing your ass off is a daily thing here in Holland. I dreamt that I would have to miss class and that my teacher would say to my classmates that I wasn’t present because I was on set. It’s not the first time I’m on set though. But it is the first time I’m on set for a TV program. Uh-huh, I scored my first TV role! And boy, it all went fast. Just as I was starting to think “Gee I need an audition soon, I’m getting impatient” my obnoxious, too-loud ringtone brightened everyone’s day at the office with a heart attack. It was an audition call, would I like to audition for a TV role? But of course I wanted that! The next day I was on an audition, the morning after I got the callback, the day after I dyed my hair for the role and the day after that here I am: the first day of shooting.

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Bonjour! Before I type anything more, I’ll just get right down to business: I’m a 22 y/o girl, currently living in Amsterdam who wants to be an actress. So there you have the who & where. As for the why: I will use this blog primarily to write about the trials and tribulations I encounter on my way to Los Angeles. A trip that will take place somewhere between February and June 2011, though it’s been in the planning since 1988. That’s right all you attention paying geniuses, since my birth! This blog will be written mainly for myself. I mean… how cool would it be to read all this when I receive my first Oscar, right? ;P However, I can imagine this blog being interesting for anyone who has a dream they want to follow, whether that is being an actress or being the first human being to open a spa on the moon. I also really would love if this blog would get me in touch with other like-minded or passionate people.

So…that’s it for the first entry. I expect many a tale to end up here. Tales of performing the most important role in my life as a corporate sell-out to collect money for LA, of the always unglamorous process of doing an audition, of the projects and premieres and the stuff behind the scenes and I’m sure many random things in between. And maybe once to twice a pretty picture or drawing I stumbled upon. And once I get to L.A.: the extremely exciting and completely unpredictable way of reality competing with a dream. And hopefully turning into one…

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