How To Rock Your Headshot Shoot: 6 Must Do’s Before You Even Get On Set

how to rock actor headshot shootThe first thing everyone will tell you when you’re starting out as an actor in LaLaLand is that your headshot is The. Most. Important. Thing. Evah. Why? Because it’s the first and often only thing agents, managers and casting directors see of you. Especially for casting directors it really matters, because casting directors get thousands of submissions for each role. They release roles on a thing called Breakdown Services, and submissions show up as tiny thumbnails of actor’s headshots. So your headshot thumbnail will be part of a screen with at least a hundred other photo thumbnails on the same page, and if you’re an unknown it’s what decides wether you get an audition or not.

Headhot shoots have always been a struggle for me. When I started out doing actor headshot shoots I had no clue what I was doing. I though “theatrical” meant “serious” and commercial meant “smiley.” That’s about it. So I went to shoots smiling 50% and trying to look intense and mysterious the other 50%. I’ve been in LA two years now (and have gone back and forth many years before that) and it’s only now that I’m starting to see how to really approach a headshot shoot. So, in order to prevent you from making my many mistakes and wasting your valuable Dollars or Euros or Colones, here are my 6 tips to rock your headshot shoot…

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Why Marketing Should Be An Actor’s First Priority

Eiza Gonzalez Dusk till Dawn SantanicoSee that sexy Latina lady on the left? Guess why I put it there? Because sex sells, that’s right! Um, no, not really. I mean it does, but you won’t find it on this blog. Only unsexy, sentimental ponderings about life as an actor here. I added that picture because I read for that part in what was my very first series regular audition.

It’s surprising. I have no issues with how I look (at least 89% of the time I don’t) but I am aware I’m not what you’d call a “sexy Latina.” Not even “sexy.”  Not by Hollywood standards anyway. I mean, I think I’m pretty goddamn sexy after I work out, but in Hollywood sexy equals Megan Fox or blonde model. Everyone else is “real” or “cute” or “girl-next-door.” So how did I end up reading for a part that was once played by Salma Hayek, and eventually went to Eiza Gonzales? It has to do with marketing…

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Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short

In the last month I’ve forgotten my debit card at the grocery store three times, lost a pair of pants, lost my precious Ray Bans, burned my hands while cooking twice and just generally have been all over the place. The reason for all this scatterbrainedness: the short film I’m developing. Okay, maybe also my disorganized personality, but mostly the short film. Producing a film is really a day job (who would have thought? What could the official job title be for that?) It’s a job consisting of a million meetings and spreadsheets and emails; piecing together a million smart parts so they all start working at the right time. It’s kind of like hosting a massive dinner party, which – as a batch of oily, PlayDoh like “cupcakes” can attest to – is not a talent of mine. You’re probably wondering why I’ve titled this “Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short” when I’m rambling about how  taxing it is. Well, let me tell ya!

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Four Ways To Be Your Own Agent

At the moment I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Santa Monica, waiting for my very first audition for a major network TV show. It’s an audition my agent got me, but there’s many ways you can be on top of your career and be proactive without having an agent. I think you should always try to agent yourself, even if you do have a banging one. It shows your dedication and most importantly: helps your career! So here are four ways you can be your own agent…

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