Wisdoms, Big Auditions & Wonderbra’s

When it rains it not only pours, it becomes an all consuming hurricane. I’m writing this because I’ve managed to find the first free hours in what seems like an eternity. Here’s a description of my last few weeks: Act. Audition. Sleep. Repeat. Oh, and throw some bicycle rides in there. And a heatwave. Not that I’m complaining; being busy with acting all day is awesome. But it’s also exhausting, and the scheduling can be stressful with auditions always coming up last minute.

Yup, the last few weeks have been very eventful: I booked a short that starts filming tomorrow, had a big audition for a big director, a small audition for a big movie, started new acting classes, had an epiphany and last but not least: totally proved how being your own agent pays off. Oh, and I found a miracle bra that saved my life (sorta)…

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Interview With a Working Actress

working actress interview Spotted the Working Actress link on the right side of this blog yet?

For some time now I’ve been following this blog of an anonymous lady, who very recently got her big break and is now starring in her own TV show. The beautiful thing is that when she started the blog she was not there yet. She was like us. So we literally get an exclusive look behind the curtains of what happens when you get your break, and it’s a fascinating read.

Right before I moved to LA myself, I thought I’d ask her for an interview. And even though she’s currently setting up a whole PR team, she kindly agreed. So continue reading for some advice from a real working actress in Hollywood!

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