Wisdoms, Big Auditions & Wonderbra’s

When it rains it not only pours, it becomes an all consuming hurricane. I’m writing this because I’ve managed to find the first free hours in what seems like an eternity. Here’s a description of my last few weeks: Act. Audition. Sleep. Repeat. Oh, and throw some bicycle rides in there. And a heatwave. Not that I’m complaining; being busy with acting all day is awesome. But it’s also exhausting, and the scheduling can be stressful with auditions always coming up last minute.

Yup, the last few weeks have been very eventful: I booked a short that starts filming tomorrow, had a big audition for a big director, a small audition for a big movie, started new acting classes, had an epiphany and last but not least: totally proved how being your own agent pays off. Oh, and I found a miracle bra that saved my life (sorta)…

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The Oscars, The Movies & Me

skippy designsLast Sunday it was Oscar slash Academy Awards time again, or as Billy Crystal said it: millionaires handing each other golden statues in a time of recession. I personally think the Oscars have been very boring the last few years. Safe jokes, presenters who aren’t comedians…And to make it worse: this year didn’t even have stunning dresses or fresh new faces!

Not that it matters. It still is and always will be the ultimate dream for any actor, including myself, to win one of those shiny naked men. See the proof in the picture above, where I hold my very first Oscar at age 11.  This particular one was made by my mother and uncle for the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas. I received my last Oscar only a month ago, the Oscar for Best Girlfriend, left by my boyfriend after he departed LA. Because despite the decent dullness, there’s always one thing the Academy Awards Show succeeds in…

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Have a Gleeful Christmas!

In between playing in the snow, Christmas shopping, working, slipping on the ice-covered streets in Amsterdam and preparing for my coming trip to Los Angeles I probably won’t have time to start writing about the third time I went to Tinseltown. But I still want to wish you all a…

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My First TV Role, Appearance on the News & Premiere

Sunday 12.30PM: As I’m writing this (first draft on paper) I’m standing on set: in the rain, freezing my butt off. Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted to be able to say that. The being on set part, freezing your ass off is a daily thing here in Holland. I dreamt that I would have to miss class and that my teacher would say to my classmates that I wasn’t present because I was on set. It’s not the first time I’m on set though. But it is the first time I’m on set for a TV program. Uh-huh, I scored my first TV role! And boy, it all went fast. Just as I was starting to think “Gee I need an audition soon, I’m getting impatient” my obnoxious, too-loud ringtone brightened everyone’s day at the office with a heart attack. It was an audition call, would I like to audition for a TV role? But of course I wanted that! The next day I was on an audition, the morning after I got the callback, the day after I dyed my hair for the role and the day after that here I am: the first day of shooting.

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